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8x8x8 RGB LED Cube

x512 Common Anode 10 mm RGB LEDs, x1 ATMEGA328P with Arduino Bootloader, x1 SMD PCB 2Layer (TMC01v00), x1 FT232RL on Board with USB,
x25 74HC595 8-bit Shift Registers, x200 MMBT3904 NPN Transistors, x8 IRF9Z34SPBF P-Channel MOSFETs, x328 100 Ohm 1206 Resistors,
x400 1k Ohm 1206 Resistors, and an incredible amount of time...

Blinky Ball

x384 Flat 5 mm LEDs, x1 ATMEGA328P with Arduino Bootloader, x16 SMD PCB 2Layer (LBB01v00), x2 SMD PCB 2Layer (LBB02v00),
x16 TLC5947RHB 24-Channel 12 Bit LED Driver, x1 RN-42 Bluetooth, x1 MMA7455L Accelerometer, x1 LiFePO4 Accu 3V3 3300 mAh,
x1 MCP73123-22S-MF Charge Controller, x1 Microphone with Amp...

last modified: 12.07.2015
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