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I spend my time writing about my projects because sometimes people think they are interesting.
I am not in any way qualified to teach you these things, but I'll do my best to provide you with
information that is correct.

All of the information on my site has been provided to help people learn, all I can say is it worked for me.
I offer no warranty and take no responsibility for any damage caused to equipment or to yourselves.
Some of these projects involve voltages or equipment that can be dangerous so use the provided
information with caution.

The provided articles are correct to the best of my knowledge,
but if any mistakes have been made I hold no responsibility for time or money wasted.

Many thanks to the management of the company Lisa laser products OHG (my employer),
for non-commercial use of the software listed below:
www.Cadsoft.de - Eagle Professional
www.konekt.com - Electra Shape Based PCB Autorouter
www.solidworks.de - SolidWorks Premium
www.solidworks.de - eDrawings
www.desktop-eda.com.au - SolidWorks IDF Modeler
www.adobe.com - Adobe Acrobat Pro

Free for non commercial use:
www.schaeffer-apparatebau.de - Frontplatten Designer
www.sketchup.com - SketchUp + plugin eagleUp
www.psynetic.net - Gif-X
www.annystudio.com - Just Color Picker
http://arduino.cc/ - Arduino

And many thanks to a friend Sven Franz aka (Bastelfix),
for tips and solder the circuit boards, programming Atmel...

I hope you enjoy my site.
Thorsten Muehlke

last modified: 12.07.2015
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