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A 8x8x8 RGB LED Cube to build, the homepage of Kevin Derrah inspired me to start the project.

x512 Common Anode 10 mm RGB LEDs, x1 ATMEGA328P with Arduino Bootloader, x1 SMD PCB 2Layer (TMC01v00), x1 FT232RL on Board with USB,
x25 74HC595 8-bit Shift Registers, x200 MMBT3904 NPN Transistors, x8 IRF9Z34SPBF P-Channel MOSFETs, x328 100 Ohm 1206 Resistors,
x400 1k Ohm 1206 Resistors, and an incredible amount of time...

SECTION 1: Schematic & layout
Many thanks to Sven Franz aka (Bastelfix) for solder this pcb (incredible number of parts).

Renderings of the TMC01v00 pcb

SECTION 2: Constrution aid for the 8x anodes strands
Icon for production files ( /

Renderings of the construction aid 8x anodes strands

SECTION 3: Construction of the other 8x8 led matrix (1..7)

Renderings for the 8x8 led matrix

SECTION 4: Constrution aid for the 8x8 led matrix
Icon for production files ( /

Renderings for the 8x8 led matrix with construction aid

SECTION 5: Construction of the first 8x8 led matrix with anode wire

Renderings of the 8x8 led matrix with anode wire

SECTION 6: Solder the 8x8x8 led matrix elements on the pcb

Renderings of solder the led matrix, and fitting of anodes wire

SECTION 7: Acrylic housing for TMC01v00
The maufacturer of this acylic housing is ( online calculated

Renderings of the acrylic housing

SECTION 8: Power supply for TCM01v00
Icon for production files ( /

Renderings of the power supply

SECTION 9: Arduino Code
Many thanks to Kevin Darrah for this nice project!

Arduino Code V13 written by ( modified by (
Arduino Code V13 testpattern written by (
True 3d data format ( for all the loss have the streaming option to implement


About feedback or new animations i would be delighted.
And solution proposals for the streaming function to the microcontroller.

I hope you enjoy this project TMC01v00

last modified: 12.07.2015
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